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Complex knitting in Japan traces back until at least the samurai period, when sword bags, underwear and other common items were hand knitted. Sword accessories for high-ranking samurai were knitted with colored silk threads and many were highly prized items. The Kimonos and other garments of the samurai class were also finely knitted, and often employed indigo. In fact, when the Meiji Dynasty came to power and the samurai fell out of the ruling class, many of them turned to working as knitters as their techniques were considered superior to others.

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What a rug!

Math Humor from Frazz


Este es para Andi!

No Longer Normal

If you don’t read Frazz daily, I really think that you are missing out. Here is a particularly good one from a few days ago:

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Happy Leap Day!

According to Finnish tradition, women can propose today.
If he says no, the guy has to buy her fabric for a dress.

Be careful if you try!

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“Cubism is no different from any other school of painting. The same principles and the same elements are common to all. The fact that for a long time cubism has not been understood and that even today there are people who cannot see anything in it, means nothing. I do not read English, and an English book is a blank to me. This does not mean that the English language does not exist, and why should I blame anyone but myself if I cannot understand what I know nothing about?” 
— Picasso


Necesito uno de estos para ir de incognito.

Victoria dice que es lo mejor que ha visto en el dia.

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Knit a story! My dear family Este es un diario que he creado para que todos escribamos y compartamos lo que nos salga del pie o del ventriculo derecho. Cuento con toda la famila. Love Emma