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100 years. Girl scouts

Las Girl Scouts fue fundada en 1912 por Juliette Gordon Low, en Georgia. Gordon Low, hija de un oficial estadounidense, habĂ­a participado en el auxilio de soldados estadounidenses durante la guerra hispano-estadounidense (1898).

Post dedicado a mi sobri scout. Love you Pi!

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Is there a better combination than early spring flowers and a nifty crochet purse? I’m very partial to this purse crocheted by Mom for Pi.

The flowers:
Dwarf Iris and Crocus from Avon Bulbs my favorite ever place to buy bulbs, I wish I could order from there more often.

The purse:
Pattern by Vendula Maderska, lots of eye candy at her flickr
Pattern is awseome, you can just follow her step-by-step pictures.

Ps: I have noticed that the pic is cropped, would try to fix it when I get some laptop time.

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